Arthritis is hitting Baby Boomers

By | November 11, 2017

Can Stem Cells Offer Baby Boomers A Cure for Arthritis?

At Park Avenue Stem Cell, we have the opportunity to make a real difference in the ongoing battle against arthritis. However, our population is aging.  This means the problem of chronic pain due to natural wear and tear on the human body is becoming an acute problem.

Our clinic provides innovative stem cell therapy that can actually help to regenerate the body and reduce, or even eliminate chronic pain. We’re proud to be one of the leaders of this emerging industry.  There are great strides being made in other parts of the world as well.

Global Progress

Stem cell research is being conducted in several major European countries. There are clinical trials using stem cells to treat chronic pain taking place in the UK, France, The Netherlands, and Belgium.  Comparatively, these are just a few examples in Western Europe.

Similar trials are taking place in Asia and Australia as well. All of the physicians involved in this research have one common belief.  Furthermore, they believe it is possible to cure chronic pain due to arthritis using stem cell therapy.

The US is leading the Way

The progress being made in stem cell treatment for chronic pain globally is encouraging for anyone suffering with arthritis.  In turn, a lot of the best research is taking place in the United States.

Ground-breaking trials are being conducted in US colleges like Stanford University with some promising results.  There are also several private clinics across the country, like Park Avenue Stem Cell Therapy Center, that are offering stem cell treatments for patients.

OrthoArkansas, for example, is a clinic in Arkansas that offers stem cell therapy to its patients.  Not to mention, many other clinics across the country are providing real alternatives to traditional treatments for chronic pain.

Arthritis Can Be Cured

Just a few short years ago, the prospects for anyone suffering with chronic pain looked bleak. Today we’re finally making real progress and an actual cure is within reach.

Park Avenue Stem Cell’s network of Physicians is constantly sharing ideas and discoveries across the network and we believe that arthritis can be beat.

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