Curtis Sliwa Avid Supporter of Stem Cell Therapy

By | December 6, 2017

Curtis Sliwa of the Guardian Angels Receives Stem Cell Treatment at Park Avenue Stem Cell

Park Avenue Stem Cell Therapy Center has treated many patients with chronic pain.  As well as the founder of Guardian Angel, Curtis Sliwa.

The famous volunteer crime fighter came to the clinic with reoccurring rotator cuff problems that had been bothering him for years. After a simple non-invasive treatment at our clinic, he’s now been pain free for several months.  Additionally, his full range of motion has been restored.

Adipose vs. Bone Marrow

Most people have heard of stem cell therapy that involves a painful extraction of genetic material from the patient’s bone marrow. The procedure used at Park Avenue Stem Cell is based on an Asian method.  This method extracts stem cells from fat deposits or adipose. This method is much more comfortable for the patient and often results in remarkable results.

Curing a Guardian Angel

Curtis Sliwa has become a vocal supporter of stem cell therapy after his successful procedure. Sliwa has has many years of wear and tear from physical volunteer work.  In the final analysis, the procedure has returned his full range of motion in his shoulder.

Like many others suffering from chronic pain, he’d tried other therapy options and nothing seemed to work for very long. In short, his story is similar to many other patients that have received stem cell therapy.

Real World Applications

Stem cell therapy can treat all kinds of chronic pain related illnesses.  Not just rotator cuff injuries.

The adipose method is currently being used on arthritis patients and may also be an effective treatment for Alzheimer’s. In fact, we’re only just beginning to tap into its full potential.

A Global Phenomenon, not just with Curtis Sliwa

What makes stem cell therapy so promising is that similar positive results have been achieved at institutions around the world. Treatment is now being offered in European countries such as the UK and France.

It’s also being used to treat chronic pain in many Asian countries. The next step in the US is to obtain final FDA approval for the process and progress is being made on this front.

Cautious Optimism

Stem cell therapy doesn’t work for all patients, but it does help in many cases. Ongoing clinical trials will allow medical experts to refine their techniques.  In turn, with the goal of helping more patients in the future.

We’re not there yet, but there is now real hope for patients suffering with chronic pain.  The hope that they’ll be able to return to a normal, pain free life.

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