Fat-derived stem cells could be a game changer for NFL Concussions

By | January 31, 2018

Brain Health Critical To Longevity and Quality of Life

With the Super Bowl this weekend I am hoping this helps draw attention to the problem of degenerative brain damage and concussion among NFL players. At Park Avenue Stem Cell we are treating some of these athletes and the issue deserves attention.

It’s interesting to speculate about the possibility of maintaining a healthy heart and youthful stamina well into your hundreds. What is the point of longevity if you are suffering from a degenerative disease? Nobody wants a longer life if it’s accompanied by pain and suffering. The strides being made in the field of regenerative medicine may make the possibility of staying fit and strong for your whole life more than just a speculation.

Stem Cell Therapy  Extremely Promising

Joel Singer MD: Stem cells a very promising treatment for NFL Concussion damage

Joel Singer MD: Stem cells a very promising treatment for NFL Concussion damage

The key may be found in being able to replace your cells. As the quality of stem cells diminishes gradually as you age, people could begin storing their cells at a young age. This “liquid biologic gold” could be used to treat the degenerative diseases that come with aging.  Patients could have their own stem cells to use for treating anything from a heart attack to injury from a serious accident.

The fact that adipose-derived stem cells can now be harvested is a potential game changer. The procedure to harvest fat cells is simple and non-invasive. It does not take long to harvest them under local anesthesia and inject them in areas where they are needed for healing.

As many as 10 to 40 million cells can be harvested in a single treatment. Once they are deployed properly in the body, they can form many different types of cells such as bone, muscles, nerve tissue and more.

Patients are currently participating in experimental protocols on a voluntary basis

Two current patients are ex-NFL football players who suffer from degenerative brain disease. Players are often exposed to head trauma and suffer concussion.   Recently, Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots, was hit helmet-to-helmet and had to go on concussion protocol. He may not be able to play against the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl.

One of the advantages of using fat-derived stem cells is that football players and other people with a high possibility of sustaining head traumas could choose to freeze fat cells for use if needed. Cryo-preservation and banking of adipose-derived stem cells is possible. A whole new world of exciting possibilities lies ahead in regenerative medicine.

Rob Gronkowski Not the last Warns Joel Singer MD

Rob Gronkowski is not the last warns Joel Singer MD


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