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Shouldn’t You Make Your Own Medical Treatment Decision

Right-to-try laws needed in New York For years clinics have been effectively treating patients with stem cell therapy, but the law has not kept pace with the developments. As legislation lags behind, people are being prevented from receiving promising new treatments and are often forced to go abroad when they run out of options in… Read More »

Acupuncturists are important partners in the treatment of pain

Partnering in the Treatment of Pain I was recently invited to attend the Chinese New Year meeting and celebration of the Acupuncture Association. Living in New York offers exposure to a large Chinese population.  Thus, to the practice of acupuncture which is an important component of Chinese traditional medicine. It is used to address the… Read More »

Curtis Sliwa Avid Supporter of Stem Cell Therapy

Curtis Sliwa of the Guardian Angels Receives Stem Cell Treatment at Park Avenue Stem Cell Park Avenue Stem Cell Therapy Center has treated many patients with chronic pain.  As well as the founder of Guardian Angel, Curtis Sliwa. The famous volunteer crime fighter came to the clinic with reoccurring rotator cuff problems that had been… Read More »