Veterans Have Earned Our Support and Respect

By | May 25, 2018

Our Veterans Have Earned Our Support and Respect

In a news release today and I touched upon a subject that’s important to me – the year-round support of our veterans. At Park Avenue Stem Cell, we’ve chosen to do this in part by standing behind the Wounded Warrior Project. For any one that’s not familiar with this organization, they provide valuable support for our veterans wounded in overseas conflicts.

This amazing organization uses donations made by Americans to fund caregivers, family members and various community partners that help a wounded veteran reintegrate into society. Donations to the organization can be made online at , by phone, or by traditional mail. It’s a vital organization that’s doing great work.

Need Our Support in Recovery

As a former member of the US Army medical reserve corps, I have an understanding of what the trauma of war can do to a person. With proper support, a wounded veteran can recover from their experiences, but they need the support of great organizations and the public.

Memorial Day is a time to remember the service of our veterans and a chance to thank them. It’s a time to with friends and family, barbecue hamburgers and hot dogs, and enjoy some spectacular fireworks. Thoughts of our veterans and their courage should always come first though. It’s something that should be in our minds all year round.

How Park Avenue Stem Cell Helps 

At Park Avenue Stem Cell, we make the effort to live by these words and support our veterans every day. A portion of each treatment goes towards the Wounded Warrior Project and we’re also looking into the viability of using stem cells to help treat post-traumatic stress syndrome.

Every one of us can and should do more for our veterans. As we enjoy the family time on Memorial Day, it’s important to remember our veterans past and present and to make the effort to keep them in our thoughts all year long.

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